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eBay Motors "Keep Your Ride-or-Die Alive"

"Drive Hard: The Maloof Way" Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the racing, stunt, and automotive world? Legendary racer Sammy Maloof and his family of racers and stunt drivers take the wheel in this exciting new reality show. Together, they all use their hard-won expertise to build some of the most high-tech, powerful cars in the world, all to make sure their clients take the checkered flag on race day. Along with insights into the world of racing, the Maloofs also pull back the curtain on the thrills and dangers of professional stunt driving as they practice and execute the most action-packed feats imaginable.

Fastest Car

Featuring Sammy and Hannah Maloof

Sammy Maloof and his daughter Hannah Maloof who he has trained as a professional racer, stunt driver in training and engine builder here at Maloof Racing Engines will be racing Sammy's 1964 Chevy Truck on the new Netflix Original Auto Show "Fastest Car" In each hour-long episode, three souped-up “sleeper” cars, tinkered with and lovingly labored on, go head-to-head with one of the world’s most sought-after supercars in the new Unscripted series, Fastest Car, streaming now. Don’t believe a 1984 Honda CRX can beat a Ferrari California? Or a 2011 Pontiac minivan will leave a Porsche GT3 in its rearview mirror? There is a whole subculture which begs to differ.

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Hannah Maloof of Maloof Racing Engines is always looking to better herself whether it's more impressive stunts, faster drag racing or building more horsepoer. Everything she does is positining herself to take further advantage of what this industry can offer


"My favorite thing about all of it is the detail that goes into it. I'm a very detailed person. I love the detail and the precision. There's just so much that goes into building engines. There's al the calculations you have to put in and the checking and clearances, and you've got to make sure everything is perfect and everything is super clean. That's how we do it. Everything has got to be super clean, laid out and organized"


father daughter racing duo

Has a Need for Speed

Drag racer and engine builder Hannah Maloof has been working at her father’s auto shop since before she could walk. The aspiring stunt driver has come a long way since, thanks to the support and guidance from her dad, former Fast and Furious stunt driver Sammy Maloof. Find out how this father-daughter duo are taking over the car world and Hollywood with their stunts and their need for speed.





Welcome to Roommates Do Stuff! For the inaugural episode, we went out to Sammy Maloof's garage to try our hand at drag racing. Sammy is a world-famous Hollywood stunt man


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