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You won't want to take your vehicle anywhere else. We are dedicated to excellence.


Custom Engine Building for all High Performance Needs

​​​We custom build each engine to your specific car or race track to meet all your High-Performance needs. This includes custom cam design, custom head work, custom carburetor, and proper ignition system. We take the time to debur, polish, balance and blueprint your engine block so you get the most life and dependability out of your engine. Our engines are put together with special combinations that are unique to Maloof Racing Engines.

Custom Exhaust Building

Custom Exhaust Building

Most aftermarket exhausts don't exist anymore which means they need to be designed. We custom build exhaust systems to look extremely clean, highly dependable and hidden if desired. We design for complete head to tail pipe custom exhaust building which includes performance, head design, custom built headers, cross over, special hangers, close tolerance to body and frame, custom tips at optimal locations, custom body relief while maintaining maximum performance and custom look fitted to your car. 

Custom Alignment

Custom Alignment

Alignment ensures optimal drivability and control. Our custom alignment is designed to allow the maximum performance and safety under race or normal driving conditions. This includes alignment of the body to the frame, frame to drive train, right height and micro suspension alignment. 

Chasis Dyno

Chasis Dyno

This is a diagnostic tool used to fine tune any vehicle to obtain its optimum performance, mileage and dependability. It is also known as a rolling road. It is designed to simulate a road surface without having the car move from one spot, allowing tasks such as engine mapping, custom carburetor set up, torque and power. The dyno can be used to determine the torque and power required to operate a driven machine such as a pump. 

Custom Engine Cooling System

Design and Build Custom Engine Cooling System

Keeping your vehicle at the right temperature is very important to the life of your engine. We specially design and install complete cooling systems for your vehicle. This includes custom hard lines, fan, shroud, and temperature gauge to ensure optimum cooling. 

Custom Suspension

Design and Build Custom Suspension

Good suspension is important to be able to handle and stabilize the steering of your high-performance vehicle. Different vehicles need different types of suspension considering the type of road it's driven on. We can design, fabricate, build and install various types of suspension for your vehicle whether it is street, strip or oval track by using the latest materials. 

Custo Rea end set up

Custom Rear End Set Up

Switching the stock rear end to a performance rear end will enhance the horsepower of your vehicle to your application. Not all cars are set up for a performance rear end so we design and build the rear end to fit your specific vehicle. This includes the proper gear ratio, axle size, tire size, brakes required and proper wheelbase for the fullest possible safety and performance of your car. We also install ladder bars, 4 links independent with posi spool or any combination thereof. 

Custom Air Condition Systems

Design and Build Custom Air Condition Systems

Not every vehicle came from the manufacturer with air conditioning, but that does not mean we cannot install it now. We have redesigned the insides of many cars and trucks to accept, which Sammy believes is one of the most quality air conditioning and heating conversions ever made--vintage air conditioning units. They offer various systems to look as tricked out or as custom as the owner desires.  

Custom Fabrication

Complete Custom Fabrication of all Unconventional Parts

Our custom fabrications include custom cooling systems, fans, water pumps, shrouds, radiator, overflow tanks, reduced flow restrictions, and optimum temp. control, standard and high-performance oiling system such as dry sump for optimum performance competition, installation of custom air conditioning systems, for example, vintage air modified to adapt to your particular application. Also includes aftermarket installation of performance drive train packages.

Custom Dash Boards

Design and Build Custom Dash Boards with Gauges

We design and build custom dashboard's to meet your specific make and model vehicle. Sometimes this includes designing the entire dashboard from scratch. We use various custom gauges and install all the electrical harnesses necessary to create the physical and visual effects of a custom electrical system.

Custom Tub System

Design and Build Custom Tub System

The more horsepower you are creating along with the desire for hooking the tires up, the more tire tread you will need. We will calculate and install the proper wheel well configuration to accept any size tire used for your particular application.

Setting and Prepping Stunt Vehicles

Setting up and Prepping Stunt Vehicles

We design and safety prep vehicles for stunts. Sammy is not just an engine builder, but also a stuntman for the past 23 years with his specialty in vehicular stunts. You can see his stunt work on His number one concern is safety for his fellow stunt friends. Sammy's talent in building cars along with his understanding of stunt work makes for a vehicle that will hold up to the challenge of performance and safety.  

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