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Since 1984 we have been building high performance engines and custom exhaust. We specialize in all aspects of high performance, high-horse powered racing engines and dyno tuning for people all over the world. 


At our beautiful showroom clean 10,000 square foot race car shop, we  go out of our way for our customer's needs. Whether it is engine building, custom exhaust, super tuning or fabrication, whatever the job may be, we will get the job done--and done right. We know how to build an engine without sacrificing dependability. Sammy is a stickler for doing every job right with the highest integrity. Sammy learned a long time ago from his dad, "If you do a job right the first time, you don't have to do it again." When we are building a racing engine or a custom exhaust system, we go the extra mile to please the customer. Many times the customer doesn't even know the extra things our team does to make the vehicle live. We don't cut corners and we don't compromise the integrity of our work. Our customers know this and that is why we have a prosperous shop with a lot of repeat business. We may not be blood related, but you'll feel like family. 


Owner, Sammy Maloof has engineered, developed and built road race, drag race, oval track, street performance and marine applications for over 30 years. Sammy has been very successful in the race car business because he knows what it means to make his customers his number one priority. We realize and understand what it takes to make these types of engines. We're committed to serving you with quality and value. 

Sammy and our team build engines and cars that have longevity and high horse power, without sacrificing dependability. 


Sammy has won numerous awards for specialty and custom car building over the years. He has appeared on the cover of the September issue of Custom Rodder Magazine, with his high horse powered, 1968 Camaro Z/28. His work has also been featured in national magazines such as Car & Driver, Hot Boat, Christian Motorsports and High Performance Mopar. For many years Sammy raced his vintage GT-1 Corvette. He has won the SCCA Regional National Division three out of five years with four first place awards; third overall annual championships at NASA (in two races); and ten 1st place wins at California Club.  Sammy has also been an on camera expert for SPIKE TV's hit show Auction Hunters and a Tech Adviser for Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws. 

At our Exhaust Center we build exhaust systems for the application of the vehicle to get the best horsepower, the best gas mileage and the most dependability. We understand where the exhaust system starts and we have extensive knowledge of each system for each application. Whether it be stock, drag race, road race, boat applications, RV or tow vehicles, our customers depend on us. When asked what makes our exhaust center different from any other in the country, our response is, "We understand how the exhaust system works. We are not just parts changers. We know how the combustion engine functions and what it likes. Not only do we know how to make dependable horsepower, our knowledge, integrity and precision stand in a class by itself. We take pride in every job we do and our sanitary work will speak for itself. 

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